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ya realy need to get Gunny tanking again, his weights effecting the rotation of the planet now
Just whisper in game for an invite, sometimes the e-mail saying you've got a response on your application goes to spam.
How does one know if their social application is successful?
Sorry I've been a bit tied up the last few days. I'll look it over when I've finished work tonight.
Are you guys still accepting new raiders? I've put in an application 3 days ago

Latest News

Botanist is down which brings us to 7/10m, here's the kill video.

With Krosus Mythic down we're now looking further ahead and to recruit a couple of additional people to bolster our raid roster.

We're currently looking to recruit a Holy Paladin (recruited) & a Ranged DPS. 

We have recruited specifically what we were after, but we always welcome strong applicants if you're interested in applying, click here.

Our application process is just a short form asking which character you want to apply on, what you want us to know about yourself and if you have logs we can see. 

Trilliax Mythic

Santy a posted Feb 15, 17

Here's the kill vid for our Trilliax kill sometime last week.

Skorpyron Mythic

Santy a posted Jan 31, 17

Kill picture above, and the kill video below:

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